Technology is defining our relationships and friendships


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A beautiful thing happened between two friends as a result of not speaking in quite some time, thanks in part to our busy lives but mostly the world of the superhighway known as the internet and its pals, i.e. instant messaging, texting, SMS, and the rest. We both exchanged our opinions over the conveniences of these modern marvels versus their drawbacks which couldn’t be disputed either.

In the end no wars were waged; no battles won. In fact, it was a great conversation. Thank you, VSS. I love you and miss you!

And to those of you reading this post, I suppose no matter what your method of reaching out to those you love to remind them you haven’t heard from them or called in a while and to let them know you are thinking about them, then to you I suggest this: Why not take a minute every now and again to close your eyes and relish the sweet sound of a special friend’s or family member’s voice over a telephone instead of a conversation filled with abbreviated English and emoticons that are transmitted via an iPad or some other electronic device. You may never get the chance again.

Ta ta for now,
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5 Responses to Technology is defining our relationships and friendships

  1. ike says:

    Love reading your blog! And it’s so true. P.S. LOVE U! You are my first, and I will spread the love..well maybe to just my husband(s) Ricky Martin and Mario Lopez!

  2. vss says:

    No wars were waged but I have a guilt scar from the wound I feel I inflicted on a dear friend. If I could take it back I would in a heartbeat but I will try to make it up somehow. A smile is growing as it occurs to me that perhaps a tiny battle may have been won after all; we are now in fact communicating through a blog… bwahahaha 😀 VSS loves you Glinda ❤

    • You know my darling, there’s almost nothing Glinda cannot do, even when it comes to dispensing advice. I’ve heard that the effects of topical vitamin E on the cosmetic appearance of scars will do a world of good. As far as inflicting a wound on a dear friend, I already told you you didn’t, and furthermore you aren’t capable of that, VSS. And it’s not necessary to make anything up to me. If the world knew you as I do, they too would know why I wouldn’t give up on you without trying and sometimes a good chat minus the yelling or screaming match is all it takes. Love is love and on occasion a friend simply wants to hear your voice and ‘tell you’ they love you. Now click those heals, have a martini, and think about the day we celebrate a long overdue reunion. <3Glinda<3

  3. Steven G says:

    Hi there Glinda, I am in total agreement with you on this. I have to find “gentle” ways to remind my fiancé that technology is no replacement for the good ol telephone call. I have told her, as much as a text is really convenient. I prefer a phone call to a text. You can not really convey your emotions, or fully understand the other persons message when its a flat emotionless text message!
    This is where problems will happen due to misunderstanding what a person texted/emailed/skyped or any of those methods V.s. hearing the other persons stress in their voice. A lot of us have gotten too used to the callous/ ease of a text to making a phone call.
    When the arguments and fights happen … then the phones will start ringing! All bow to Alexander Graham Bell the creator of the actual telephone as it was FIRST ment to be used.

    • Standing-O to Steven G! Well stated. If I’m ever looking for an assistant, you’re resume now makes a grand jeté ahead of the rest! Speaking of grand jeté, Glinda has to dash to pull the wedgie out of her leotard-tutu onesie!

      Ta ta,

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