Get ready to be…

[L] Strong Language: This blog may not be suitable for all visitors. Some material may contain sensitive subject matter including adult language. Thank you.
The following paraphrased dialog is between myself and a friend that took place on April 3, 2013. It started when she sent me an email with the subject line Michelle Shocked trying to “live up to her name”. She writes to me:
“Anchored down in Anchorage” is the only thing that she can claim fame to, so I suppose she wanted something to “find her way back to the spotlight.”  What an ASSHOLE! That’s not being authentic… that’s being HATEFUL! Learn the difference, BEYOTCH!!!know the difference bitch!!!
Note: Followers and New Readers to the blog alike, it will be necessary to view the following video links to make any sense of the the remaining conversation.
In reply, I wrote:
Okay, where to begin. You have me so fucking unraveled. THIS IS ONE FUCKED-UP NON-HUMAN CHICK!!! (I will be quoting myself later in my new blog, GlindaTheGoodBitch, it’s true, Google me, I just created it… even paid for it! I own it. It’s all mine, mi pequeña niña! [my little girl!] OMG!
This cuntard (sorry ’bout that) must be extinguished like a plague. Shocked is pure evil. she is not and should not be referred to as “she” for that would imply she is human. EXTINGUISH IT! Period. Just my 2 cents.
Now I urge you to pay very close attention to her “apology” when she appeared on Piers Morgan Live  at the beginning of the month to offer her explanation and alleged apology. Why it was no apology at all. She makes a mockery of the gay community but in the bigger picture, she makes a fool of herself.
Now perhaps, you understand why I, Glinda, enjoy the occasional coinage of words, as in this case, cuntard, n. a female who like her male counterpart known as the munt, acts irresponsible and reckless in their behavior where social graces, common etiquette, and/or their general disregard for fellow humans is concerned.
So with that said, I implore you all to take the addition few minutes it will take to view the two links above if you haven’t already and remember to post your comments so we can get some get the current flowing with this one, pardon the pun. And as always, spread the word as is still in its infancy and relies on its support from readers like you! I hope you enjoyed this post.
Ta ta for now,
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2 Responses to Get ready to be…

  1. Steven G says:

    Hey Glinda, There is no way the apology was real. You could see it in her face, she was trying not to laugh or smile too much. I am so tired of these “famous” people basically using these methods in order to create publicity for themselves. After all in their tiny brains, even bad publicity is good publicity.

    • You know it, Steven G! I hope you found another way to reach out, apart from wanting to strangle the cuntard, to also express your feelings directly to her as well.

      Thanks for following me and remember to spread the word.


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