Remember to “Like” Glinda’s Facebook page


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Hey Everyone,

It’s very important for me, Glinda, to do one thing first. And that one thing is thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support that has poured in from you all. Why it just brings a tear to my one good eye. It inspires me to continue writing and bringing justice to the fucktards, cuntards, muntards and generals assholes of the world! And for that I thank you.

And on the note, for your added pleasure I recently designed a GlindaTheGoodBitch Facebook page which at this moment in time looks a wee-bit lame since it only has about 29 people who have checked it out and “Like” it so far. So do your ol’gal Glinda a solid and check it out, won’t you? It’s easy. Just log into Facebook and type in GlindaTheGoodBitch under “Search for people, places and things” and voila! You’ll see my and my peepers pop-up once again and be sure to hit the “Like” button.

And no, I’m not Telly Savalas from that 1970’s Kojak crime drama television series, but if things were different I may have been his wife and Jennifer Aniston’s Auntie-godmama, but that’s here nor there.

What I’m trying to say is, “Who loves ya, Baby? Glinda Lou Who, that’s who!”

Ta ta for now,

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4 Responses to Remember to “Like” Glinda’s Facebook page

  1. arifa says:

    loving it

    • And Glinda’s loving you, Darling! Don’t forget to click “Follow” so you’ll be sure to be notified when something new has rolled off the press from my trashy little saylor-mouth. Following me makes you among the first to be in-the-know! And if you haven’t already checked out Glinda’s new Facebook page and “Liked” it, do it quick or she might beat you with her wand, LOL!

      Hugs, love, and goober smooches,

  2. Your doing such an amazing job! I’m sorry things have been so hectic in my life that I couldn’t email you to tell you how proud I really am. I love you!!!

    • No need to be sorry. You couldn’t email because being so hectic is what’s making you amazing yourself and I’m really proud of you for that, Darling!

      Keep on readin’ and rockin’,

      <3Auntie Glinda, to you<3

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