Hail to the



Hail to the V. Really? What about Hail to the Dick? Or, Hail to the Penis?

Do we really need this shit on television, radio, and plastered all over magazines, and everywhere else these feminine hygiene companies can buy ad space? Glinda says, “GET RID OF IT ALL!!!”

From the aforementioned, to subway ads, bus stops to billboards and do us all a favor and do us all a favor, take a good hot fucking bath and learn some dent hygiene habits or maintain the ones your mama or daddy taught your as a kid growing up.

And this includes yeast infections. Granted, they happen, but do we have to clog up good advertising space on TV that, God only knows, greater than 50% of the market doesn’t need to be burdened with seeing and hearing? Look, what I’m saying is if you’re taking are of yourself you won’t need it. If you’re engaging in sex, promiscuous or otherwise, use a condom. This can’t hurt matters.

If you’re not, don’t preclude the thought of needing to discreetly visit a doctor. You can either visit a convenient healthcare facility, some of which are even situated in neighborhood supermarkets and charge a nominal fee for an exam or seek help through your local government health agency. But for crissakes! If the media’s going to drone on about hailing to the “V” as relentlessly as they have been on behalf of the hygiene product manufacturers for the past couple of years, then I say it’s only fair to Hail to the “Dick” or Hail to the “Penis” too!

It’s only fair. After all, so many of us, especially women, believe in equal rights. How are you gonna fight that, City Hall? A situation like this could evoke a case of penis envy in Supreme Court and that lead to nothing but yet more wasteful tax dollars. But really people, just get rid of this crap once and for all. Take care of it on your own time. Unless of course advertisers come a-knockin’ at Glinda’s door when she becomes rich and famous. Then I may change my mind the way gals have the prerogative to change theirs.

Have I covered all the “V”ases, oops… I mean bases?

Ta ta for now,

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2 Responses to Hail to the

  1. Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different subject but
    it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding
    choice of colors!

    • Why, thank you! 🙂 As I continue to become a bit more blog and tech savvy, I’d like to pull the image back so my visitors can get a full view of the actual image which is the infamous yellow brick road with the rainbow and Emerald City in the background. As I move forward I plan to address more human rights issues, social injustices, and of course when I need to lighten things up I never run out of material trashing the Kardashians! But by all means, if you have have a problem with strong language then this may not be this place for you. But if you can handle it, then look and be sure to “Follow” me and check out my Facebook page by the same name. 2014 has a lot of surprises in store so be sure to come back to see what’s new!


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