I want to know what it’s like, too

Hello Friends and Happy Monday!

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE? Well so do I. I urge you to check out this amazing video made by someone I call a friend, Ryan James Yezak. Ryan and I have communicated on a few occasions. Some of you may be familiar with his videos while I’m certain he will become a household name in the not-too-distant future. He hails from Los Angeles and is enormously gifted so make it a point to check out his other works while keeping an eye out for future projects.

AND PLEASE, get involved by posting this video to your Facebook Page and other social media sites.
Enjoy Ryan’s video…
Yours in pride, peace, and love,


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1 Response to I want to know what it’s like, too

  1. Sheila B Aleman says:

    Very powerful. I want to know when the hell people will no longer need to post videos like this? Totally insane

    Sheila B. Aleman

    I’d rather see the sermon, than hear the sermon!

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